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Keeping Advent

Keeping Advent

The season of Advent carries with it a twofold character:  it is a season to prepare for the coming of Christmas and the birth of the Christ Child but it is also, and perhaps more importantly, a season that looks to the second coming of our Lord.  Our hearts and our minds are directed to a time of waiting and hoping for the return of the one who will come in glory.

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The day of God is not one day, an historical moment, never to return.   The day of God is God forever, forever living, without night, without sleep.  (Prere du temps present)

Let us take this time of waiting to prepare and to make present in our lives the God who is among us.  Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!   


Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Tuesday, December 8th

          Mass at 12pm and 7pm

We celebrate Mary who is the Immaculate Conception and the Mother of our God.

A Christmas Program

Sunday, December 20th at 5pm

Come listen to the Christmas story along with several Christmas Tales and singing of the traditional Christmas Carols. This event is for all ages and is family friendly.  Plan to join us. There will be refreshments and camaraderie as well!


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