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Spiritual Direction - Is it for me?

Is spiritual direction intended only for a small elite group composed of clergy and nuns and a handful of laity with special vocations? Not really. Direction is for serious Christians generally, whether cleric, religious, or lay. Spiritual direction can be described many ways, but the best way is to emphasize its role in helping people see, accept, and live out God’s will in their lives.

Spiritual direction is a valuable tool in spiritual growth, but if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you might wonder what to talk about during a spiritual direction session. Russell Shaw writes:

Think of it as a conversation between friends. But, you may ask, a conversation about what?

There are lots of possibilities, but topics that typically arise include establishing and maintaining a plan of life—a program of spiritual practices helpful in the daily struggle, rooting out stubborn faults, spiritual reading, improving relationships and being of service to others. And that’s for starters.

The complete article is “Why Spiritual Direction Is Good for Anyone Who Takes Faith Seriously.”

Need help finding a spiritual director, check out Spiritual Directors International or contact Lynn Sale, Pastoral Associate.