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Memorializing a Loved One

Mass Intentions

Many people wish to remember their living and deceased relatives and friends by having a Mass celebrated in their honor. Please stop by the Parish Center to arrange a date, or if that is not possible, please call the office.

Memorial Donations for Weekly Worship

Another way to remember both living and deceased relatives and friends is by making a donation for the altar wine, the sanctuary lamp, or the altar flowers.

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund consists of donations given in honor of loved ones. These donations are used to purchase church items in memory of the person(s) honored. Examples of items purchased by the Fund include vestments, wall and altar hangings, banners, etc. The Fund also is used for improvement and enhancement of our church facilities and church grounds.  Gifts both large and small are most welcome and appreciated. To arrange a memorial, please contact the .

De Sales Seminary Associates

Located at the Oblate Center in Childs, Maryland, De Sales Seminary Associates offers enrollment cards both for the living and deceased as well as for all occasions and significant life events. In addition to being available directly from the Oblates, enrollment cards also are available at the Parish Center. Your enrollment donation helps with the training and education of Oblate seminarians. Checks should be made payable to the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales.