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Baptism Information Form

Baptism candleWe welcome and congratulate those families wishing to pass on the faith to their children. Please provide the information below to enable us to help you prepare for your child's Baptism.

Are you a registered member of Holy Infant Catholic Church?   If you are not a registered member, please contact the Director of Faith Development.
Upcoming Baptism Workshop Dates   Parents are expected to attend a Baptism Preparation Workshop prior to the Baptism of their child. Please select the date that you will attend. (Note the option for parents who have attended a workshop within the last three years.)
Child's Gender
Child's Race Please check all that apply.
Birthdate (or due date) of child to be baptized  
/ /  
Marital Status   Please check one.
* Convalidation If you were married outside the Catholic church and are interested in celebrating the sacrament of marriage, please contact the pastor.
Place of Baptism   Please select one.
Scheduling your Child's Baptism Baptisms may be scheduled during a Mass on the following weekends: May 26/27, 2018; July 28/29, 2018; August 25/26, 2018; September 29/30, 2018; October 27/28, 2018; November 24/25, 2018; January 26/27, 2019; February 23/24, 2019; April 27/28, 2019; May 25/26, 2019 June 29/30, 2019 After attending the Baptism Preparation Workshop and after submitting the Godparent Testimony Form, you may schedule your child's Baptism by contacting Lynn Sale.
Godparent Information The information about Godparents may be submitted after the Baptism Preparation Workshop. Please carefully read over the webpage on Godparent Roles and Responsibilities. Godparents / Christian Witnesses will need to provide a letter from his/her church verifying eligibility to serve in this role.

We delight in sharing this milestone in your family's ongoing faith development and pray that you will be enriched by this experience.