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Worship and Sacraments

All the Church's sacraments and ministries are oriented to the Sacred Liturgy - the source and summit of Christian life. In the Eucharist, the whole spiritual good of the Church (Christ himself) is contained.


The Second Vatican Council strongly desired to preserve with care the authentic Liturgy, which flows forth from the Church’s living and most ancient spiritual tradition, and to adapt it with pastoral wisdom to the genius of the various peoples so that the faithful might find in their full, conscious, and active participation in the sacred actions – especially the celebration of the Sacraments – an abundant source of graces and a means for their own continual formation in the Christian mystery.  Liturgiam authenticam

At Holy Infant the celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, is of primary importance.  We strive to “do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.”  Participation in Liturgical Ministry is encouraged as well as taking advantage of the Resources available through this website.


"Being Christian is not just obeying orders but means being in Christ, thinking like him, acting like him, loving like him, it means letting him take possession of our life and change it, transform it and free it from the darkness of evil and sin…"

These words from Pope Francis embody what we as a Catholic Christian community share when we gather in prayer.  In the Eucharist we "BECOME" the body of Christ.  We must always strive to keep our Sacred Liturgy at the center of our Parish Life

See Liturgical Life for more information about the Sacred Liturgy and Liturgical Ministries.


Sacraments are peak moments that articulate what God is doing in our lives. They celebrate the grace of God that calls us to conversion and membership in the Church and gifts us with the Holy Spirit, that offers us reconciliation and healing, that calls some to positions of leadership in the Church community and others to the vocation of Christian marriage, and that invites us into the mystery of Christ's death and resurrection.” (Understanding the Sacraments Today, by Lawrence E. Mick)

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