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Updates to Facilities Usage Guidelines and Reservations

New documents for facilities usage guidelines added to parish web site.

The Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures, an essential document for groups and ministries reserving space at Holy Infant, is now available on the parish website. With this document is the Facility Reservation Form, which must be filled out and returned electronically or by hand to the parish office before facilities at Holy Infant can be reserved. 

The documents can be found HERE or by going to, hovering your mouse of "About Us" then clicking on "Facilities Usage Guidelines" under the Operations heading. 

From the Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures document:

"We are blessed with a vibrant faith community experiencing an ongoing journey of faith evidenced through the growth of our parish’s ministries and activities in recent years. This welcome dimension of our parish life brings certain challenges as we cope with limited space and custodial staff, as well as ever-increasing maintenance and utilities costs. Therefore policies and procedures must be instituted in order to effectively, efficiently, and equitably utilize our parish facilities. These polices are not meant to restrict or discourage parishioners from utilizing Holy Infant’s resources. They are intended to benefit the common good, ensuring accountability, safety and stewardship while setting basic standards regarding the types of functions and the proper manner of their reservation and utilization. While no policy statement can possibly address the appropriateness of every type of request, common sense is the best guide. We ask that individuals or groups requesting facilities usage comply with the specified protocols and understand that the Parish Team (the Pastor and Staff) is responsible to all parishioners as well as to the Diocese for these valuable parish resources."

If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office at 919-544-7135 or