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TYM Hosts Parent Topic Night

Guest speakers, Whitney and Nicole, spoke on Human Trafficking close to home.

Approximately 40 parents, youth and fellow parishioners gathered the evening of Sunday, April 30th , to learn about the reality of Human Trafficking in the United States.  The night began with the group gathered intimately around a laptop to watch a mini documentary thanks to a sudden power outage.  One of the guest speakers found it poetic that our goal that night was to shed light on a topic surrounded  by darkness.  After watching the movie, the groups split into two discussion groups of adults and youth.  They were guided in unpacking what they just learned in the documentary by two guest speakers from the local Transforming Hope Ministries.  Everyone left the evening grateful and more aware about this serious issue in our society. TYM plans on hosting another night so that more people can learn about Human Trafficking and its signs was discussed.