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This Weekend's Second Collection to Benefit Pope's Charitable Fund

The Peter’s Pence Collection, which supports the charitable works of Pope Francis, is taken up by Catholics around the globe and helps the Holy Father reach out to people suffering in our world.

The Peter’s Pence Collection (PPC) has ancient roots, linking back to New Testament times when people would provide material support to those preaching the Gospel for distribution to those in need (see Acts 4:34- 35, 11:29). Today, the collection is the way we, as members of the Catholic Church, unite ourselves to the concerns of the Holy Father. Donations to this collection support the charitable works of Pope Francis for the relief of those most in need.

How Pope Francis Invites Us to Make the World Less Cold and More Just

Pope Francis has encouraged us not to “fall into indifference, but become instruments of God’s mercy.(*1) Each of us has been called to be an instrument of God’s mercy and to be a witness of charity. For “it is precisely in the measure to which we open ourselves to others that life becomes fruitful, society regains peace and people recover their full dignity.(*2)

How We Can Join Pope Francis and Be a Witness of Charity

By supporting this collection, you assist the charitable works of Pope Francis. Your generosity is a witness to charity and helps the Holy See reach out compassionately to those who are marginalized. For example, with support to the PPC and the assistance of the Vicar of the Latin Patriarchate in Amman, Jordan, a funding network has been created to respond to the needs of Immaculate Conception Parish School in Al Huson. The parish assists more than 800 children, many of whom are refugees from the war in Syria. Al Huson is located about 12 miles from the border with Syria; in recent years, the arrival of many refugees has heavily impacted the economy and daily life in the city. With help from university students in the parish who teach math, Arabic, and English, hundreds of children not in the school system are learning to read and write. (*3)

How You Can Help


Pray for the Holy Father as he reaches out compassionately to make the world less cold and more just and for those around the world who are suffering and will benefit from this collection.


As a way to spread the message of mercy and peace, share this flier with someone who might be interested and tell others how Pope Francis supports the marginalized.


Please give generously to this collection as a witness of charity and offer hope to those who suffer around the globe.



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