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The Indivisibility of the Body and Blood of Christ

The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ are wholly present in each species of the Eucharist.

As Catholics, we believe that at Mass, during the Consecration, the bread and wine are truly and substantially changed into the Body and Blood of Christ.

We cannot separate the Body of Christ from the Blood of Christ. When we receive His Body, we have also received His Blood, whether we receive the consecrated host or the consecrated wine. They cannot be separated! We are not receiving half of Jesus when we receive one or the other. We have received 100% of Christ when we receive either species.

As far back as the Council of Trent, the Church has held that:

“There is no Divine precept binding the laity or non-celebrating priests to receive the sacrament under both kinds (Trent, sess. XXI, c. i.) (c) By reason of the hypostatic union and of the indivisibility of His glorified humanity, Christ is really present and is received whole and entire, body and blood, soul and Divinity, under either species alone; nor, as regards the fruits of the sacrament, is the communicant under one kind deprived of any grace necessary for salvation (Trent, Sess. XXI, c., iii).”

At Holy Infant, we have maintained a practice of serving both the Precious Body and the Precious Blood during Communion. However, we have omitted offering the Precious Blood on occasion, for example during flu season or for pastoral reasons.