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Simple ways to bring faith home this summer

Are you looking for ways to live out our rich Catholic faith & traditions in your daily family life? Try these tips from the Children's Ministry website.

Adding more activities and responsibilities to the calendar can make any parent cringe, but cultivating faith at home doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. Busy families can weave a few mindful activities into daily life to bring faith to the center of their homes. 

Children's Ministry helps church leader and families cultivate faith practices for all ages at home and within the parish. Here are a few examples they offered of simple ways to cultivate faith at home:

Focus On Cross Challenge

Play a seek-and-find game during the week. Find as many crosses hidden in everyday life as possible. Think telephone poles, signposts, seams on a basketball, and tons more. The goal is to make the game a habit, so your family is continuously looking for crosses and, in doing so, is constantly reminded of Jesus.

Focus On Jesus

As a family, choose one weekday to begin your morning with Jesus before you do anything else. Pray together or do one thing that honors Jesus. Then talk about the difference between the days you begin with Jesus and the days you don’t.

Focus On Self-Sacrifice

Challenge your family members to each sacrifice something they enjoy during the week in order to help someone else; for example, giving up a TV program to help a sibling with homework or sacrificing Xbox time to set the table without being asked.

Focus On Sour Words

Buy a bag of super-sour gumball. At home, ask your family members to think about something they said recently that they wish they could take back. As they remember those words, have them chew the sour gum and think about the sour effect of harsh words. Challenge your family members to see how many days they can each guard their mouths and ensure that everything they say is true, kind, and necessary.

View the full article here for more ideas. How can your family cultivate faith at home this summer?  Share your ideas with the Faith Development Office. 





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