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Sign Up Now for Lenten Small Groups

Whether you are serious about prayer or simply curious about how to get started praying from the heart, this study is for you. Groups begin meeting the week of March 1.

Registration is now open for Lenten Small Group at Holy Infant. Using the book, Prayer: Our Deepest Longing, we will explore the richness of prayer and develop a new approach to praying, one that fully engages our hearts and the spirit of God alive in us.

The book is divided into five sections. Why Pray? Illustrates the purposes and benefits of prayer for ourselves, as well as for the broader Catholic community and even the world. Why Is It so Hard? Notes how our contemporary culture conspires against taking time out for solitude and prayer, and how our own ego—with its fears, restlessness, and narcissism—can work against developing a deeper relationship with God through prayer. What Is Prayer? Outlines the two basic types of prayer, that is, affective (personal) and priestly (for the world). Describes the many ways or methods for each type of prayer, such as meditation, contemplation, the divine office, the Mass, and Scripture. Sticking with It. This section covers the development of mature prayer, discussing ways to pray in times of boredom, disillusionment, crisis, helplessness, or after a loved one’s death. Mysticism. Here we learn about this increasingly popular form of intimate relationship with God.

Groups will begin meeting the week of March 1st and will meet at various times. Copies of the book are available for purchase ($8) or can be purchased separately by the participant as a hard copy or e-reader version. Study guides will be provided.

Sign up in the Atrium or online.