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Updated Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 5:30PM

Due to inclement weather, morning Mass is canceled for Wednesday, December 12th.  The parish office will re-open on Wednesday, December 12th at 11:00 am. 

The annual Share Your Christmas has officially begun

Help ensure a merry Christmas for someone in need in our community! Our annual Share Your Christmas ministry begins the 2nd weekend of November and concludes the 1st weekend of December.

After all Masses during the 2nd weekend in November, support the Share Your Christmas Ministry by selecting:

  • a Share Your Christmas sticker from the Christmas board.  Bring your sticker to the ministry volunteers at the table in the Atrium and exchange it for a RED or GREEN “wish list” tag. The “wishes” are from needy people in Durham County who are affiliated with Durham Social Services and Catholic Charities
  • a Baby Gift or Child Coat tag or Grocery Card tag by going directly the ministry volunteers, where the YELLOW Baby Gift or Child Coat tags or BLUE Grocery Card tags will be handed to you (no sticker required).  The baby supplies, child coat or grocery card gifts help hundreds of Durham residents in need, including very young children, affiliated with Catholic Charities, Welcome Baby, Baby Love, and Pregnancy Support Services. 

  • If you are away that weekend, other arrangements can be made for obtaining a gift tag.*

The suggested amount to spend is a range depending on the tag you choose:

  • RED or GREEN - $65
  • YELLOW - $25-$50
  • BLUE - $10-$50

As of Sunday, November 11th, all Red, Green and Yellow tags have been selected by the parish community.  If you still wish to participate in Share Your Christmas, Blue tags are still available in the parish office and church atrium, or simply purchase a grocery card from Target, Walmart, Food Lion or Aldi, and return it the first weekend in December,

Return your gifts by the 1st weekend in December (12/1-2) during the Presentation of Gifts at any Mass, but no later than the end of the 11 am Mass on Sunday 12/2:

  • RED and GREEN tag gifts must be wrapped or in a gift bag with the tag (or recipient’s name and Share Your Christmas number) CLEARLY and SECURELY attached to the outside of the gift to ensure proper delivery.  If you have more than one package for a single tag, they must be secured together OR each package must have the recipient's name, Share Your Christmas number and be marked to identify the total number of gifts for the person (i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2) CLEARLY.

  • YELLOW tag gifts must be in a gift bag with the yellow tag CLEARLY and SECURELY attached to the outside of the bag. 
  • BLUE tag grocery cards are to be placed in an envelope with the dollar amount of the gift card on the outside of the envelope.
  • If you are away that weekend, other arrangements can be made for returning your gift early.*
  • PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE RETURNING YOUR GIFT!  Volunteer gift delivery drivers will pick up all gifts after the 11 am Sunday Mass to deliver them.

* Questions or concerns?

  • Away the 2nd weekend of November and need a gift tag? Call Robin Bolte at 919-949-1887.
  • Away the 1st weekend of December and need to return your gift early? Call Robin Bolte at 919-949-1887, Ivy Anthony at 919-698-6109, or the parish office at 919-544-7135 as soon as possible.

 Thank you for your generosity and Merry Christmas!

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