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July 20 & 21 second collection supports Priest Retirement Fund

Use a contribution envelope or make a donation online at Your gift will help us reach our parish goal of $6,000.
From the Diocese of Raleigh:

"These are the ones who have baptized our children, married our daughters, given the sacraments to our children, forgiven our sins, challenged us to live the Gospel, been at the bedside of the dying in the middle of the night and are at the altar every Sunday to bring us Jesus. Now it is our turn to say 'Thank you.'

"It is no surprise to learn that the rising costs of healthcare affecting families also affecting the church. Many priests who would normally retire at 70 are returning to ministry to care for us and for our families. Like most organizations, we have a retirement fund for our lay employees and a retirement fund for the Priests of our Diocese. With the help of accountants and insurance companies, we regularly project what funding we will need to cover the expected costs associated with the health care for the retired Priests of the Diocese of Raleigh. As our population of priests gets older, those commitments increase and as healthcare has improved, we are living longer. Each of these factors increases the projected costs to cover our commitment to care for our retired Priests.  Your generous donation to the Priest Retirement Fund helps us meet our commitment to honor those who have served our families faithfully here in our communities."

Priest Welfare and Retirement Fund Flyer 

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