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Planning and Operations volunteers tend to routine tasks

Acts of service have big impact on parish operations.

Ever wonder who repairs the brick walkway or leaky faucet around our facilities? Or who counts the collection or makes plans for our future facility needs?

St. Francis de Sales said “Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily.” In that spirit, our Planning and Operations council works with the parish office to fulfill administrative and operational needs with guidance from the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils.

Just like your own home, dozens of details need attention. Our parishioners step up in numerous ways to ensure that our facilities operate smoothly, our scheduled tasks are done and our future needs are foreseen.

Opportunities to serve include collection counting, office volunteers, and the maintenance and planning committees. Contact the parish office or click here to learn more.

In the coming months, look for feature stories on the website about each of these vital parish ministries.

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