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Parishioners renew commitment to stewardship

Return cards at upcoming Masses, at the parish office or online.

Last weekend at Mass, Holy Infant observed Commitment Weekend to provide all parish members the opportunity to reflect, respond and renew their first offertory contributions. The first offertory is partly about “in reach” and it supplies the funds necessary to care for our parishioners on every level: spiritually, physically, intellectually, communally and emotionally. Of the more than 70 active ministries that we have, more than half are supported by the first offertory. It also concerns practical matters such as keeping the lights on, paying the bills, and providing the salaries for our incredible staff.

Thank you for your continued commitment to helping our parish show others their value in Christ through our many ministries. We encourage all households to respond whether you are increasing or continuing your current contributions. If you are still discerning your level of giving, take a look at the Planning and Commitment Guide. As always, we welcome your prayers for the parish as we renew our commitments to the offertory.

If you were unable to attend Mass last weekend, cards can be returned in the offertory basket at the next Mass you attend, in the designated boxes by main parish entrances, during business hours in the parish office, and by mail. Likewise, blank cards are available in the office or by the boxes in the church. You may also complete a digital Commitment Card

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