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OUR PARISH: Ministry is a visible link to sick and homebound

Our parish embraces those unable to be present by sharing the Word and Eucharist. Is this ministry calling you?

The last moments of the 8:30 am Mass at Holy Infant provide a special link to those who cannot be with us: the sick and homebound of our community.

Father Robert sends forth Eucharistic ministers to share the Word and the Eucharist with those they visit.

“In this way, there is a visible and tangible link between the assembly and those who are either sick or homebound,” said Lynn Sale, Pastoral Associate and Director of Faith Development.

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the sick and homebound are called to serve in the very life of the church, the living Body of Christ, Lynn notes. 

Rosalie Chamberlain, a long-time minister and co-coordinator of the ministry, said that recipients often express gratitude that we come.

"It’s really a privilege to bring Holy Communion to them and to help them feel connected to our parish community,” she said.

Don Stanger, who co-coordinates the ministry with Rosalie, says ministers can sign up for as many visits as they wish – whether it’s twice a month or twice a year. Ministers can typically complete their routes in one and a half to two hours after the 8:30 am Mass.

The numbers vary but up to five ministers typically bring communion to anywhere from 30 to 50 individuals weekly.

We invite parishioners to prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry. Learn more about becoming a minister to the sick and homebound of our community.

Is this ministry for you? Contact Don Stanger at 919-489-2248 or Rosalie Chamberlain at 919-490-1204.

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