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New Set of Mass Transit Cards For Families Available Now

Pick up your next set of Mass Transit Cards for December 8 - February 11 outside the Faith Development Office.

Mass Transit cards offer a quick and effective way to engage the entire family in reflection on Mass each week. All Kindergarten through 5th Grade Faith Development families are encouraged to pick up a packet of cards outside the Faith Development Office. It's short, easy to use and portable enough to take along in the car!

Just as sports and academic challenges require preparation, so does Mass. Children (and parents!) need to ready their hearts and minds to be active participants in the Eucharist. In the process of helping their children understand the message and apply it to their lives, parents will also come to a greater awareness of all the Mass has to offer them in their daily journey, with all its joys and struggles.

The new packet includes a card for each Sunday from December 8 to February 11. The front of each card notes the day, the lectionary readings, a key quotation from one of the readings, a family-friendly reflection, a one or two-sentence prayer, and a reflection question. The back of each card provides some simple questions to write in, including what Mass they attended, the color of the priest’s vestments, one insight from the homily, and something special they noticed at Mass that day.

Completed cards should be returned the following week to a box outside the Faith Development office. Families who actively participate will receive a faith-centered prize!

Cards are geared towards K - 5 students and parents but available to all parishioners.

Please contact Leanne Woodward with questions.