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New Mass Settings For the Advent Season

A handy reference to familiarize yourself with the Mass settings sung during Advent.

During the seasons of Advent & Christmas, will be changing our Mass settings to the Mass of Renewal by Curtis Stephan.

To familiarize yourself with the music, please click here. We will do the Holy Holy Holy, When We Eat this Bread, Amen and the Lamb of God. 

Please see the guide below for time marks of each Mass part:

0:45 Glory to God (not using during Advent)

5:43 Holy Holy

6:33 We Proclaim Your Death (not using)

7:01 When We Eat this Bread

7:30 Save Us Savior (not using)

8:04 Amen

8:23 Lamb of God

You are also invited to sit in on our Advent rehearsals on most Wednesdays from 7pm - 9pm. 

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