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May the Fourth be with you

May Faith First highlights Creation, God & Science with a Star Wars themed evening

Napkins, plates and table cloths were all adorned with characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Parishioners donned graphic t-shirts and costumes.  Light Sabers glowed as children ran around in the Fellowship Hall.  May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day to fans, came to life at Holy Infant as over 40 parishioners gathered for a meal and presentation on Creation, God & Science.  

Fr. Robert and Nick Wright guided the teens and adults present in discovering evidence for God within scientific truths.  Their Star Wars themed PowerPoint presentation covered the Big Bang Theory, evolution and modern scientific achievements. When God said "let there be light" it was not a one and done moment. That Light continues to shine and expand throughout creation. Jesus the Christ is the Light of the World and reveals most fully the basic Truth that GOD IS LOVE!

Children created galaxies in a jar using cotton balls, food coloring, water and glitter.  This science experiment was a hit as they also discover that God's great command of "let there be light" is still at work today and we are an active part of that light. 


Join us on Sunday, June 2 after the 11 AM Mass in the Hospitality Room for our next Faith First event in celebration of our senior graduates and to learn about Summer service opportunities for you and your family.  

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