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Looking for Building Updates on Our New Church?

Stay up to date on the new building and capital campaign successes with the click of a button.

Did you know there is a whole page on our website dedicated to building updates and the capital campaign? The page can be accessed quickly by going to, and clicking on the yellow rectangular "Building Updates" image in the left column. 

The Building Updated page, which begins with an important message from Father Robert, is laid out in 3 sections: Architecture & Construction Planning Updates, Fulfilling our Vision and Accomplishing Phase One and Way to Give.  

"Architecture & Construction Planning Updates" is the place to find updates on the planning and building progress. Visit this dynamic section to find images and detailed descriptions of campus plans and, eventually, construction progress. 

Under "Fulfilling Our Vision and Accomplishing Phase One," you'll find references to the vision and goals for a new parish from the beginning of the campaign, as well as graphics that show progress and major milestones in those goals. 

The last section, "Ways to Give," you will find a link to the online pledge page under "Campaign E-Giving." Here you can view, add or update your pledge. Also under the "Ways to Give" section, you will find the most up-to-date record of Naming and Memorializing Opportunities and information on the Holy Infant Heritage Societies. At the bottom of the page, you will find recent news articles related to the building initiative. 

We hope you will use the "New Home for Building Updates" page to stay informed as we journey together on this exciting path to a new home for Holy Infant!

Check it out now by clicking the image below! 

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