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Many hands enrich liturgical experience at Holy Infant

Once a month, you will hear about individual ministries in the Liturgical Commission and how they support the parish.

The doors are open, the scene is set and friendly faces greet you every time you attend a Mass at Holy Infant.

That friendly greeting drew Joan Caccavelli into the Holy Infant community.  Joan has been a greeter for 20 years.

“I have belonged to many Catholic parishes for all my life and at Holy Infant was the first time anyone had ever stood there at the entrance and smiled and greeted me,” Joan said. “It just made such a huge impression.”

Director of Liturgy and Music Francine Britto estimates around 90 people help prepare the church to celebrate weekend Masses from the greeters to the sacristans to the cantors. Joan is the current Liturgical Commission Chair. 

We have 14 coordinators within the Commission who work closely with Fr. Robert and myself to ensure that the Liturgy flows seamlessly. Our mission is to create a spiritually fulfilling environment to encourage full, active and conscious participation at Mass. Once new volunteers are trained and approved, we work to include them in the schedule for the monthly Masses,” Francine said.

Ministries in the Liturgical Commission support the community by acknowledging the presence of God in the preparation and celebration of liturgical life in the parish. Mass is beautifully choreographed to have meaning, Joan said.

“Volunteers work in front of and behind the scenes to make the Mass meaningful for everyone.”

The time commitment is small, but the rewards are great.

“Whatever we are giving out returns to us tenfold,” she said. Visit the website for a list of ministries that support the liturgy. Stay tuned for more stories about these ministries in the coming months.

Attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist is beautiful in itself, and being enveloped in a warm and friendly atmosphere here at Holy Infant makes the celebration even more inviting! 


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