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How the BAA Fund Benefits You

The Bishop's Annual Appeal funds over 30 ministries and programs that benefit YOU. Have you returned your pledge card?

Most parishioners realize that their Bishop’s Annual Appeal gifts support the hungry, the homeless, the frail and the sick. But your help goes beyond that. Every parishioner benefits from the BAA. Every Catholic school and parish faith formation program, like the one here in our parish, is helped by your gift. Marriage preparation programs, seminarian and deacon formation as well as a host of other spiritual and educational activities exist through God’s grace and your generosity.

Holy Infant has reached 68% of our parish's BAA funds goal set by the Diocese of Raleigh. Thank you to those who have submitted pledge cards! If you are still discerning your pledge, please prayerfully consider what you can do to change the lives of our friends and neighbors. 

Please return your BAA pledge cards to the offertory basket or the silver collection boxes in the Atrium and Hospitality Room. Blank pledge card are available next to the collection boxes. 

Have you seen Bishop's Zarama's video appeal? CLICK HERE to view now!


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