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from the Families Moving Forward Newsletter

"THANK YOU to Lynn Sale and Holy Infant Catholic Church ... A big thank you goes out to Holy Infant Catholic Church, who put on a wonderful November birthday party for our residents! Holy Infant's animal-themed party was a big hit with our children. They all especially enjoyed the puppies that came, the slime activities, and Mr. Rainbow and his balloon animals. Holy Infant's hard work, creativity, and generosity gave us a terrific, exciting afternoon here at Families Moving Forward. So thank you for making a difference in the lives of our families!"

Participants at our November Faith First prepared party decorations and craft activities and contributed party food. The following Saturday a group went to Families Moving Forward to host the monthly birthday party, including Lynn Sale, Mr. Rainbow, Father Robert and his "puppies" along with the children, teens and adults in this photo: Betsy Petko and her daughters, Thao-My Nguyen, Love Anderson, Quynh-My Nguyen.