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Frank Runyeon Delivers Two Nights of Fun and Entertainment

TV-Star Frank Runyeon performed his one-man dramas, "Luke: Stories on the Road" and "Sermon on the Mount", followed by "Hollywood vs. Faith: the Three Other Beatitudes", Friday and Saturday at Holy Infant.

As the lights dimmed and a spotlight shone on the alter, parishioners and members of the community gathered to kick off the Lenten season. 

Runyeon, best known for his performances on television and in the movies, has also translated several books of the Bible into one-man theatrical performances. He delivered three of those performances last week at Holy Infant. 

On the first night, as Runyeon performed "Luke: Stories on the Road", he said we often imagine ourselves as the younger brother straying from and returning to the father. He challenged that thought, nothing that the audience there that night was more like the loyal older brother showing up on a Friday night to grow in faith. 

Saturday night opened with "Sermon on the Mount", brought to life as Runyeon moved around speaking to audience members as though everyone was part of the act. The next performance, "Holy vs. Faith: the Three Other Beatitudes" had a profound impact on those in attendance as Runyeon described the "other" three beatitudes facing children ("Happy are those who buy things"), women ("Happy are those who look good") and men ("Happy are those who win"). He noted that the media tells us that we need "things" to be happy and Hollywood portrays superficial conflict or crisis scenarios and resolutions devoid of God. In the real world, what do people do in a time of crisis, Runyeon asked. We turn to God, he said as the audience nodded in agreement.