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Food Justice Garden tops last summer's harvest by 300 pounds

Increase in the amount of produce donated is due largely to volunteer efforts.

Additional volunteers in the Food Justice Garden helped us grow and harvest 300 pounds more produce from May to August this year than in 2018.

From May to August of 2019, Holy Infant volunteers have harvested and donated 1,694 pounds of produce. Last year’s haul during the same months was 1,357 pounds of food.

Included in that total is 131 pounds of produce donated in the same period by parishioners through the Lettuce Pray program. The increased yields combined with the opening of the Durham Community Food Pantry has allowed Holy Infant to donate more produce locally this year.

The top five producers for the months of May through August:

Tomatoes – 404.5 pounds

Squash – 170 pounds

Carrots – 106 pounds

Peppers – 85 pounds

Okra – 81.5 pounds

Did you know:

  • Topsoil used for the groundbreaking ceremony is being reused in garden beds.
  • The growing season is far from over. Volunteers are planting fall vegetables including kale, greens and carrots.
  • Our volunteers can now deliver food to the Durham Community Food Pantry Mondays through Thursdays. Currently, Holy Infant makes donations only on Tuesdays. Stay tuned to learn which day the ministry will add to the schedule.
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