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Filipino BBQ brings in faith, family and fun

We have an update regarding the Filipino BBQ that took place earlier this month!

UPDATE ON THE Filipino BBQ Fundraiser!

Thank you to all volunteers who helped out with this wonderful fundraiser.

We are happy to announce that we made a total of $4,146.90!  The proceeds will go towards the Altar Campaign in the new Church.

Please go to the website to view pictures from the event.


First off, we thank the Lord for giving us sunshine on that day, instead of the predicted rain. I believed it was the Divine Infant Jesus intercession. As far as the event, the BBQ and the fixings were very well received. It was well attended by parishioners and non-parishioners.  Even though the number of barbecues sold has yet to be determined, we sold out.  The proceeds from this sale will go to the altar for the new church.

This would not have been possible were it not for the support of the church and the volunteers, We thank Elizabeth Hicks for her assistance in determining the logistics of the operation. We were fortunate to have the Knights of Columbus to take care of the grounds prior to this event. 

Last but not the least, we thank the Filipino community for volunteering to make this event a success. We thank everyone working in harmony to accomplish the task at hand. This is what we call in the Philippines, the "Bayanihan Spirit", i.e., everybody working together for a common purpose. Just to let you know it took more than 15 hours to cut the meat and thread them onto skewers, to say the least. You probably observed on the day of the event, there were five grills used to get them cooking, and these took many hours, too We have pictures of these. Marian Yap's husband took most of the pictures for this event, please see the photo album.

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