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There is still time to register for the Leading & Loving Series

READ MORE to learn about Family Honor's upcoming 3-part presentation of Leading & Loving here at Holy Infant!

Parents, have your ever wondered:

… WHEN do I start talking to my child about virtuous living and authentic love?
… WHAT should I say?
… HOW do I let my child know that they are made in the image of God with inherent dignity?
… WHERE do I begin to teach them that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?

We know that raising children in today’s secular society is challenging and raising holy and virtuous kids seems almost impossible some days! Would you like to learn practical principles and time-tested techniques to help empower you to raise the next generation of saints?

Join us at Holy Infant for a 3 part series (October 20, 2018, January 26, 2019 & April 13, 2019 from 2 PM to 5 PM) for Family Honor’s program, Leading & Loving, designed for parents of young children, newborn through 5th grade (0-11 years old). 

Here is why you should register!

  • Parents will be empowered to be strong role models in teaching their children the answers to life’s most important questions, like “Who am I?” and “What is my life for?”
  • Parents will learn the meaning of real love and be given tips on how to speak to their children about chastity in age-appropriate ways.
  • Parents will be better able to answer some of their children’s challenging questions – all while cultivating virtue in their children and growing a joyful, faith-filled family. 


Deadline for registering is October 13th. Space is limited so REGISTER ONLINE NOW. There is no charge for this program (though donations will be requested) and childcare will be provided on site.  Please contact Leanne with the names & ages of your children who will be participating in the childcare program--Space is limited. 

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