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De Sales Service Retreats in Durham

Looking for a way to grow in faith and give back to your local community? Schedule a service retreat in Durham for your family, friends, ministry or group!

The De Sales Service retreat focuses on growing in Salesian Spirituality and serving community partners like Families Moving Forward and Urban Ministries of Durham. Groups of 5-10 are invited to sign up for a customized retreat filling 10 - 14 hours over 2 - 3 days. 

Two pilot retreats, one for all parishioners and one for youth, were held earlier in the year. In March 2017, 19 parishioners gathered for reflection and service during the three-day De Sales Lenten Service retreat, working with Families Moving Forward to throw a birthday party and build furniture. Retreat participants said "the retreat is a great way to get exposed to a service-sector of Durham that we could continue to serve and meet fellow parishioners" and that they "whole-heartedly believe this is a great way to meet St. Francis de Sales and the real meaning of his thoughts and teachings." In June 2017, five youth participated in the De Sales Youth Service retreat. The theme was G.P.S (Gentleness, Patience and Simplicity) and how these virtues that St. Francis de Sales promoted could be used in our lives to direct us towards God.  The youth served the Durham community at Urban Ministries of Durham and Duke Hospital.  Urban Ministries of Durham thanked the youth saying, "NO ONE has ever tackled the donation room and had such success in organizing.  You have no idea how pleasant it was to walk in there the next morning!"  Another Durham DeSales Service Retreat for adults & teens was held during Christmas Week (December 27/28, 2017)! 

Interested in scheduling a service retreat of your own? Contact Lea Chiquito at or contact the parish office - 919-544-7135 - to learn more!