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Celebrating Christmas around the World

This past Saturday, parishioners of all ages gathered together at FAITH FIRST to experience faith-based Christmas traditions from around the globe.

The Fellowship Hall was filled with Christmas spirit and international flare as families within our own parish community showcased Christmas traditions from their heritage or country of origin. Countries represented included: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Italy, India, and The Philippines. 

This event also featured an appearance from St. Nicholas, whose feast day is December 6th, and songs of the season with our Music Ministry.  A heartfelt thank you to all of our parishioners who created displays, baked cookies, decorated, dressed up, and brought Christmas around the World to life.  Check out some of the Christmas traditions showcased below:

"Christmas in Colombia starts on December 7th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  When I was a kid, my parents used to wake me up at 2 AM on the 8th, to make homemade lanterns and all the neighbors put them outside.  Fireworks were also included as part of this unique tradition.  Lighting of the candles [under] Pope Pius during the 1800s to show support of teaching of the Immaculate Conception.  In addition, 9 days before Christmas, they do the novenas, where families go to several houses to [eat] food, offer prayers and the kids make homemade maracas."
Julio Revueltas & family (Colombia)


“We [have] a special drink during the Christmas year as a symbol of love and Jesus and also we [put] hay on the table that reminds us that Jesus was born on hay.  We [also] have 12 dishes during Christmas Eve supper, no meat on it only soups, fish, pierogi dumplings.  We start the first supper when the first star appears because of the Christmas symbol during the Nativity.”
- Adela Zola & family (Poland)


"In our family, we do a lot of various things during Christmas...a unique tradition that my husband and his side of the family has had because half of his family is from Italy...the nativity scene – every year, since my parents gave this nativity scene to us for our wedding, we keep adding to it because in the Italian tradition, Jesus came for everyone, the wealthy, the poor, the beggars, etc. – our children play with this nativity scene, it is a fun tradition thy have enjoyed ever since.  Putting out the nativity scene is a big deal BUT we never put the 3 kings until January 6, or the Epiphany.  On that date, the three kings make their way up front.” 
- Jennifer Panek & family (Italy) 


"Christmas Eve – decorate [that] night & go to church.  One unique tradition is that we shoot firecrackers at Midnight.  This has been a long time tradition since we have been little kids."
- Audrey Gomes & family (India)


Additionally, TKC Catholic Bookstore was on site with books, goods & religious items just in time for a little Christmas shopping. 

Does your family have faith-based Christmas traditions from your heritage that you would like to showcase?  We plan to host this event again next year!  It's never too early to email Leanne or Lynn with your ideas.


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