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Celebrating All Saints and All Souls in November

Bring framed photos of deceased loves to our Remembrance Table and add their names to the memorial book in the Atrium during the month.

During November, we are called in a special way to remember “our brothers and sisters who have fallen asleep in the hope of resurrection” (Eucharistic Prayer II).

All Saints' Day is a solemnity and holy day of obligation on which the universal Church honors the martyrs and the saints. Typically, All Souls' Day is celebrated the following day. However, since All Souls' Day fell on Saturday, November 2 this year, our Mass to commemorate all souls will be held on Thursday, November 21 at 7pm, with a candlelit procession prior to Mass at 6:30pm.

On All Souls’ Day, the universal Church prays for all those in purgatory, people who were much like us, whose offenses may have been less than ours. By pleading for them, we are inspired to lead purer lives. On that day and during the entire month of November we remember our departed loved ones as we visit their graves, attain indulgences for them, give alms, do some good work, and ask for Masses to be said in remembrance, all on behalf of those close to us and to others we may have neglected during the year.

Our memorial book is on our Remembrance Table in the church Atrium for recording the names of your beloved deceased who will be remembered in prayer this month. You may also bring a framed photo of your deceased loved ones to display on the table. Please include your name and contact information with your photo to ensure its safe return.


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