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Candlelit Prayer Service For All Souls Day

Add your loved one's name to the list to be remembered during this special event.

On Thursday, November 2 at 7 PM, Holy Infant will hold a Candlelit Prayer Service in remembrance of loved ones who have passed away.  At this time each year, we focus on those who have gone before us - friends, colleagues, relatives whom we have known and loved, worked with, laughed with, wept with and walked with.

Many of them are not famous. Their statues are not in churches, but their pictures are in our homes and their stories are alive in our hearts. We know of their goodness and their struggles. We now pray for them and remember them with love, celebrating in faith their journey to God, now within the great communion of saints.

This All Souls Day, you are invited to join us for an evening of prayer and music in church. Please contact Francine Britto or stop by the Atrium to add a loved one's name to the Memorial Book. We will have a Memorial Table in the Atrium for the service. Feel free to bring a picture (4x6 please) for the display. Pictures will remain on the table until the weekend Masses. We ask that you please pick up your photographs by Sunday at noon. 


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