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Training details five steps to prevent child sex abuse

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Did you know that the Diocese of Raleigh requires that all people who work in leadership with children and youth in our parishes and schools attend training in how to recognize and report child abuse? The training details five steps to prevent child sexual abuse:

  • Knowing the warning signs of abuse,
  • Reporting suspected abuse to appropriate authorities,
  • Controlling access to children by carefully selecting the adults who work with children and youth,
  • Monitoring all programs for the safety of children and youth, and
  • Being aware of and sensitive to the lives of children.

In a letter to the diocese addressing April as National Child Abuse Prevention month, Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama asked for prayers for our priests, the members of our local Safe Environment teams, and all those who minister to children and teens in the Diocese of Raleigh.

“Together we provide young people with safe and nurturing environments where they can grow in age, wisdom and faith,” he wrote.

Learn about other ways to help support this campaign at Prevent Child Abuse NC.

For information on how you can become more informed and involved in keeping our children safe, call The Diocese of Raleigh Office of Child and Youth Protection at 1-866-535-7233 or email

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