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An Important Message for our Holy Infant Parish Family

Whether you're with us or away from the parish for the 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas, this message is for you!

How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?
Psalm 116:12

Holy Infant is thankful for you. Through your generous contributions, our parish is able to support over 60 active ministries that breathe life into Holy Infant, offering service, hope and love to the church and Durham community.  Humbly we thank you for providing the financial resources necessary to fulfill the hopes and expectations of this mission-focused faith community. We are especially grateful for your recent commitment to Stewardship Awakening: Reflect, Respond, Renew.

During the year, the offertory collection, which supports our ministries, fluctuates with the seasons. We experience somewhat leaner offertory collections during summer months when many members are away on vacations, generally recovering some of this shortfall throughout the fall. Holy Infant, like many parishes, looks to its Christmas Offertory as an occasion to “even out” our revenues for the year.

This year, the Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24th), putting us in danger of falling short on the critical $50,000 budgeted for this occasion. Accordingly, please be sure to include your regular Sunday first offertory for December 24th along with your Christmas gift. It is essential that we respond not only to the Christmas collection but to provide the usual Sunday offertory as well.

If you plan to be away from the parish this Christmas, please include these contributions on one of the preceding weekends or alternatively by mail or by eGiving:


At our Christmas liturgies there will be a second collection for the Priest’s Welfare and Retirement Fund. Since priests are paid a very modest stipend during their active ministry, their corresponding Social Security benefits upon retirement will be extremely small compared to workers with similar years of service. This fund is needed to provide additional resources for these priests. Your response helps tangibly express our gratitude for their sacrifice and service.


Thank you for your special consideration of Holy Infant at this time.

May God bless you and your family this Advent and Christmas Season.