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Continue to be alert to email scams targeting parishioners

Phony communications often appear to be from local priests, bishop.

Over the past few months, people in our parish and within the Diocese of Raleigh received emails that appear to be from clergy members and even our bishop. These emails asked for gift cards and money or asked for a response right away.

Scam artists are relentless and often prey on willing religious people and on seniors in particular, as they realize that they are more likely to rush into something to assist their clergy or other trusted figure.

Here is an example of a recent phony email that has circulated:

From: Fr. (Redacted) <
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2019 9:25 AM
To: (Redacted employee or parishioner) <>
Subject: Re: More Blessing (Redacted name) 

Can you help me to get a Steam wallet gift card worth $500 at $100 or $50 denominations for a friend of mine going through cancer in the hospital. He needs the cards to download his favorite musics and videos to boost his confidence on his next phase of surgery and fight over cancer which he's going to undergo today but i can't do this now. 

These tips can help you avoid scams:

  • Emails from parish staff only come from Those from diocese staff only come from
  • Do not open or reply to any emails or text messages that you suspect are a scam.
  • If you are uncertain about an email that appears to be from our office, please call us at (919) 544-7135.
  • You may also report the suspicious email by forwarding it to

To learn more about online security, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

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