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A Special Notice About Easter Collections

At our Easter liturgies next weekend we will have two special collections that are especially important to the parish and the priests who have served our faith community and diocese

First Collection – Easter Offertory

The Easter Offertory, along with the Christmas collection, is one of the most important of the year. Our budgeted goal for this offertory is always significantly greater than our regular weekend collections. Your contribution to this collection is an opportunity to express your commitment to maintaining Holy Infant’s financial well-being.

This special offertory provides necessary support for our parish activities, programs and services, many of which reflect initiatives that were joyfully undertaken based on your input. Your generosity this year is especially meaningful in light of the unexpected shortfall resulting from the severe inclement weather we experienced during a weekend this past January.

Second Collection – Priests’ Welfare and Retirement Fund

They are the ones who baptized our children, married our sons and daughters, gave the sacraments to our children, challenged us to live the Gospel, prayed at the bedside of our loved ones in the middle of the night and are at the altar every Sunday to bring us Jesus.

Now it is our turn to say… Thank You! 

Away during the Easter celebration?

If you plan to be away from the parish this Easter, please consider making your donation by mail - addressed to the attention of Kristi Beckert, Financial Services Administrator or through the parish website –

We ask that you prayerfully consider contributing to both of these important collections. Thank you for your generosity of the gifts with which you have been blessed.

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