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Why does the garden at Holy Infant have the word justice in the title?

It is because growing food is not the only purpose of the garden. Over the years, the Social Justice Ministry has worked with others to develop the Durham Farm and Food Network, the food council for Durham County. A food council develops policies and structures from growing to consuming to recycling the food needed in Durham for the common good. After the launch of the food council, the growers' group and the End Hunger Durham (pantries) group developed a plan partnering gardens and farms with pantries. We are partnered with Parkwood PTA pantry and Catholic Charities pantry. In an effort to expand the produce brought to pantries, the national Plant a Row program was reviewed and found wanting. While home gardeners were able to  grow and donate food, it was not distributed in a timely manner. So, we piloted the Lettuce Pray program at Holy Infant and now other neighborhood gardens and urban farms are bringing their produce to pantries in an organized way. Holy Infant is known in Durham for its garden and its partnerships. 

We continue to encourage other churches to start gardens and to develop partnerships with pantries and neighborhoods needing produce.

Also, we work with END HUNGER DURHAM to meet monthly with seniors and folks with disabilities living in subsidized housing for FOOD TALK. These sessions are focused on recording stories of people who live on very small fixed incomes and who run out of food monthly.  We are working with them to develop a food delivery system which will bring them fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden (to be arranged)  and maybe even hot meals made with fresh veggies from a garden. This is in the early stages. We meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 11 AM at Watts St. Baptist Church and share lunch, bring produce from the Holy Infant Earth Justice Garden and work with them to develop a plan to their liking. 

Gardening Schedule

Jan/Feb: Harvest winter crops, prepare beds, weed

Mar/Apr: Plant seeds, water daily, weed, prepare beds

May/June: Harvest, weed, water daily, plant seeds

July/Aug: Harvest, weed, water daily, plant fall seeds, prepare beds

Sept/Oct: Prepare winter beds, plant seeds, harvest

Nov/Dec: Harvest, prepare beds, water, cover crops

All months: Compost is tossed and moved bin to bin monthly