Music Ministry

The music ministry of Holy Infant strives to glorify God through music at all Parish Liturgies and other gatherings where music is an essential ingredient. Music is a necessary ingredient for Catholic worship with the purpose of adding beauty and solemnity to the liturgy. At Holy Infant the most important music ministers are the assembly and our music strives to support the assembly rather than overshadow it. In article 346 of Music in Catholic Worship we read: “Choirs must be diligently promoted, provided that the whole body of the faithful may be able to contribute that active participation which is rightly theirs.”

At Holy Infant we encourage anyone who is interested in music to consider participating in Music Ministry. We are always in need of both singers and instrumentalists.

The Ministry of Cantor

The Liturgy is not a place for virtuosity but the role of the Cantor is primary for good liturgy. The Cantor proclaims the Psalm the Gospel Acclamation and perhaps other elements of the liturgy. The Cantor must posses a pleasant voice and have the ability to lead the Assembly in sung prayer. It is of primary importance that the Cantor's sung word is easily heard and understood.

Music Ministry Guidelines

Music for Upcoming Liturgies