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Liturgical Commission

Mission: To enrich and support he faith community of our Church by acknowledging God's presence in the preparation and celebration of liturgical life in the parish.

The Mission of the Liturgy Commission is to enhance the worship of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit by promoting full, active, conscious and fruitful participation in liturgy at Holy Infant Catholic Parish. While remembering to honor our parish traditions, we support the liturgical prayer life of the community in planning all aspects of liturgical celebrations, so that they are meaningful, uplifting and prayerful as well as audibly and visually appealing. We strive to nurture spiritual growth of ministers through our ongoing support and reflection on the blessing of ministries.


Liturgies at every Mass MUST be clean, flowing, spiritually fulfilling, vibrant and non-distracting.

The Team:

Liturgical Commission Chair: Joan Caccavelli

Director of Liturgy & Music: Francine Britto


Altar Attendants: Francine Britto & Jennifer De Wolf

Altar Bread Bakers: Jody Zeillman

Altar Linen Caretakers: Pat McGinn

Art & Environment: Francine Britto & Elizabeth Hicks

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Bill Fitzgerald

Funeral Reception Committee: Pat & George McGinn

Greeters: Elizabeth Walthall

Hosts:Mary Kennery

Lectors: Ursula McBride

Liturgical Ministry Online Scheduling: Ian Anderson

Music Ministry: Francine Britto

Sacristans & Mass Coordinators: Renate Quintavalli & Kim Bauer

Salesian Hostess: Kathy Smith