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Guidelines for Greeters

Greeter Guidelines

We who are called to be ministers of hospitality are entrusted with fostering a sense of welcoming and belonging among those assembled at prayer.  We are the first contact made with anyone who enters the worship space, and we represent the intent of the community to welcome and embrace all who come to share prayer.  Although functions such as taking up the collection and seating latecomers are important, our role challenges us beyond "greeting" to see in every person the face of the Lord.  Ours is a direct service, often a physical one, as we open doors, smile a greeting, or lend assistance to those in need.  We have the opportunity to be the hands of Christ to the living Body of Christ.  We should approach our ministry with diligent preparation, and do not be discouraged by those who ignore us or refuse our help.  Be watchful for the ways in which we can help to foster the sense of family among all who worship and especially among those who are new to our community.  Most of all, by our very presence, let us be examples of the Christian love which identifies us and binds us together.  (Liturgical Ministry: A Practical Guide to Spirituality by Donna M. Cole)

All liturgical ministers are registered parishioners.  The guidelines that follow conform to the theological and liturgical principles in the diocesan guidelines.

Attire and Behavior

By dressing appropriately, liturgical ministers help the assembly focus on the ministry rather than on personal appearance.  Ministers, regardless of age, should dress at a minimum in “business casual” attire.  Sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, sweat/jogging suits, shorts, and skimpy clothing of any type are not appropriate.  Pins or jewelry with any type of writing, EXCEPT for a name badge, should not be worn.   

Ministers model a respectful and reverent attitude by arriving on time, avoiding distracting behavior (e.g. talking with others during the liturgy unless appropriate), and participating in the entire liturgy.

Training and Formation

Technical orientation and training as well as liturgical and spiritual formation are a necessary part of every ministry.  Initial orientation and training are required before the new minister enters service.  Each Minister is also expected to grow in faith and action through attending ongoing formation for established ministers at least once a year.  Each minister is expected to attend the yearly formation held for all Holy Infant liturgical ministers. 

Substitution Procedure

Each liturgical minister is absolutely crucial and essential for the celebration of the liturgy.  An untrained individual cannot properly fill this essential role in the liturgy.  Please be present when scheduled or arrange for a substitute through the website as early as possible.

Greeter Duties by Location

Note: Left side is choir side/Right side is Handicap side

Main Greeter 1 (MG1): Team Leader

  • Make sure each Greeter knows their duties. Check in with Host and Altar Servers re: collection procedures. Father does not want procession of gifts to start until Host has the basket for 1st Collection.
  • If there are any bulletins still in the holders from the previous Mass, remove and place in box in sacristy.
  • Hand out Worship Aids/ Collect after Mass (if book cart is used, straighten it up).
  • Set out sign once announcements have begun.
  • During Collections..Distribute Baskets to Greeters:
    • MG2 gets 2 Left Front,
    • HG1 gets 3 Rt. Front,
    • HG2 gets 1 Hospitality Rm. and standing congregants
    • HSP1 gets 2 L. Rear
    • HSP2 gets 2 Rt. Rear, 
  • Stay by alcove to empty 1st round of baskets into large basket…deliver to HOST. Empty baskets for 2nd collection..then walk all the way around back and up side to put that under the credence table.
  • After communion, set out bulletins in the atrium for those leaving Mass. 
  • Seek help to take food in baskets to the Parish Center after each Mass.

Main 2 (MG2)

  • Check in with MG1 prior to Mass.
  • Be sure cones are set in “No Parking” Zones. 
    • 11:00 restack cones after mass.
  • Be available to assist visitors and newcomers. Newcomer info can be found on the shelves in the atrium, in cabinets under the shelves or online.
  • Seek 2 people to Present the Gifts; introduce them to the HOST. The HOST will notify them when it is time to move to the Gifts.
  • Your Collection area is the Left Front.  Once collected, give to MG1 to empty. Stay by alcove and wait to begin 2nd Collections.
  • After Mass, bring in the sign and be available to assist newcomers or others in Atrium.
  • Following ALL Masses, take any food in the baskets to the Parish Center.


Handicap 1 (HG1)

  • Check in with MG1 prior to Mass.
  • Unlock Nursery Door, turn on light and engage deadbolt so door does not relock.
  • Hand out Worship Aids/Collect after Mass. (Straighten up the book cart if applicable.)
  • Do Collections on the Right Front.  Hand your baskets to MG1 to empty.  Wait for 2nd Collection.
  • Check coffee area in Atrium for any trash and straighten if necessary. Ensure Nursery Door and Hallway Exit Doors are securely closed before leaving.

Handicap 2 (HG2)

  • Check in with MG1 prior to Mass.
  • Remove any bulletins left in holder from previous Mass. 
  • IF there are devices (walkers, etc.) blocking aisles (usually on right side of altar), please ask if you can move them for safety and convenience concerns.
  • Let EMOTs (those helping distributing Communion) know if they need to personally bring communion to an individual. It is recommended that we request those needing this, sit on the right side of the altar, but…please note….this is only a recommendation. 
  • After Communion, obtain Bulletins and hand them out while HG1 collects Worship Aids.
  • Collections: You will cover the Hospitality Room and anyone standing along the back wall.  

Hospitality 1 (HSP 1)

  • Check in with MG1 prior to Mass.
  • 5:30…Plug-in coffee/water urns.
  • 8:30…Prepare and transport coffee and hot water to Atrium.
  • 11:30…Clean coffee urns and rinse out pots.
  • Hand out Worship Aids/Collect after Mass (straighten book carts if applicable).
  • Be sure Kitchen Door is kept closed (lights out) except on Urban Ministry Dinner Sundays (then keep slightly ajar (lights out).
  • Collections: Left rear side,  begin on first row outside (avoid center aisle unless you are the only one), move to 4th row from back and pass second basket.  Stand by to collect both on the outer edge. Hand baskets to MG1 to be emptied.  Stand by and wait to begin 2nd Collection.
  • Keep Kitchen Hallway clear…..Fire Exit!
  • 8:30 Seek assistance after Mass to open sliders (if applicable) between rear of church (multi-purpose room) and Hosp. Rm.  Key is found in the bottom drawer on the left as you enter the Sacristy. (If you do not know how, ask Peggy Stevermer or me to show you.)

Hospitality 2 (HSP2)

  • Check in with MG1 prior to Mass.
  • Help with Coffee duties. (See HSP 1)
  • Help people find seats (rear and front left).
  • Collections: Rear Right (see process for HSP 1).
  • Following Communion, obtain Bulletins from Sacristy.
  • Hand out Bulletins after Mass. Check for items left behind. Be sure rear door by kitchen is securely closed