Altar Servers

OVERVIEW “We who are called to serve at the Altar share in a ministry that has a long history in the worship of the Church. Although this ministry may be described in terms of service to the presider, in reality, our service is to the community. Our actions help the community to celebrate the mysteries of our faith with lasting good effect in our lives. As with the other liturgical ministers, our posture and attitude set the tone and the example for others in the community. Our purposeful motion speaks of liturgy that was prepared with care, a celebration in which each person in the assembly assumes an active role. Our good deportment reflects a prayerful spirit, and the care of a humble servant.” ~ Liturgical Ministry: A Practical Guide to Spirituality by Donna M. Cole Altar Servers enhance the quality of the liturgical celebration for the whole gathered assembly by assisting the presider and helping to ensure that the liturgy flows smoothly. They lead processions, hold the Missal and other books for the presider and they prepare the altar for the Liturgy of Eucharist. During more Solemn Liturgies such as Christmas and the Easter Season, they may carry candles or censors and have other duties. Anyone nine years of age or older who has celebrated First Eucharist is eligible and encouraged to be an Altar Server.