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Serving as a Catechist

The words “catechist” and “catechesis” come from the Greek word meaning “to echo the faith.”

The main job of a catechist is to “echo” his/her experience of God's love. One does not have to be a trained theologian, just someone who is willing to share his/her love of God and the Catholic faith, and who is willing to walk with others and help reveal God's presence in their lives. 

Catechists are expected to be committed to lifelong learning and attentive to their personal faith formation. The parish offers opportunities for catechist formation and encourages and financially supports catechists in their participation at deanery and diocesan catechist formation events.

Catechists must complete the Diocese of Raleigh Application for Volunteers form, (criminal background check). Please submit completed forms to the Holy Infant parish office.

See Parish Ministries – Faith Development Commission for additional information on being a catechist and other ways to serve in catechetical ministries.