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Catholic School Students

Holy Infant supports Catholic education. If you are seeking admission or continuing enrollment for your baptized Catholic child(ren) in Catholic school, please see Catholic School Enrollment.

Catholic School families are strongly encouraged to take part in our six parish HI-life Gatherings, which are a great supplement to classroom religious education, but participation is not required. (Catholic School families may opt to sign up month by month for Gatherings.)

The celebration of the sacraments takes place in the family's parish – the primary faith community. Sacrament preparation is a two-year process. Religion class in school is considered to be year one, but for year two - immediate preparation for the sacraments, the family is expected to register and participate in our parish sacrament preparation process, which includes parent formation. Diocesan guidelines say that the parish is to provide parent instruction on the history and theology of the sacrament. At Holy Infant we believe that the sacrament preparation year provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to have shared learning experiences about their faith, so parents and children attend sacrament preparation sessions together.

  • For First Reconciliation and First Eucharist there are monthly parent/child workshops and a half-day retreat.
  • For Confirmation there are preparation sessions for teens and occasionally for parents and sponsors, a Confirmation retreat, and stewardship / service projects.

Participation in HI-life Gatherings is encouraged, especially during the year of immediate preparation for the sacraments, but not required. Catholic school children are not expected to take part in the Sunday morning children's sessions, but they are welcome to do so. Since sacrament preparation incurs more expenses than most parts of our faith development process, the registration process and fee is the same for all parish families, which means that at least one parent registers along with the child.