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Adult Faith Formation

Mature adult discipleship is the aim of all faith formation.

Guided by this goal, faith formation seeks to inform, form, and transform individuals, families, and the entire community in the Catholic faith.

This three-fold aim includes:

  • Nurturing people’s minds and hearts in the wisdom of the Catholic faith so that who they are and how they live is deeply influenced by what they “know” (inform),
  • Nurturing people’s identity and lifestyle in Christian discipleship (form), and
  • Empowering people to live their faith so that the world is transformed by the Christian vision (transform).

Our parish faith formation process provides a comprehensive approach to discipleship that is rooted in the life of the Church, equips people to participate meaningfully in the life of the Church, and empowers them to live as disciples at home and in the world. 

There are opportunities for adults to grow in their knowledge, understanding, and practice of the Catholic faith, such as spiritual book clubs, retreats, scripture study, days of reflection, topical mini-series, faith-sharing groups, the parish media center resources, periodicals and pamphlets. All adults are encouraged to participate in our multi-generational events on Faith First Weekends.

See information about RCIA for adults who are not Catholic, who are seeking information about the Catholic faith, and Returning Catholics for those who are returning to the Catholic faith.

For more information about Adult Faith Development at Holy Infant, please contact the .