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Religious Book Club

Are you interested in reading books with a religious theme and discussing them with other lifelong learners. This morning group meets once a month on the third Wednesday. (There is also an evening group that meets on the third Thursday.)
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2018-08-15 from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM (America/New_York / UTC-400)
Jane de Chantal Room
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"A group of people from Holy Infant have been talking about a book club, and since I have been thinking about this for years, decided to take the helm.  It might be a bit avant garde—we would like to read and discuss books that are faith-based, but not so much about spirituality as about information.  Books that have some "meat" to them—contemporary subjects, things that might be about the past, but little known by most of us, and/or scholarly works on compelling topics that are written in a style that is readable and interesting.   A bottom line is that the book be well-written.     No dry tomes that have to be struggled through will be eligible! We will not study highly controversial or polarizing subjects. We have a base group of people who are already interested but are of course reaching out to others of all ages and genders who may find this group intriguing and worthwhile."  - Rondy Elliot, facilitator  

  • Each group meets monthly on Wednesday morning at 10:00 or Thursday evening at 7:00.
  • Ideas for reading submitted by members and decided on by a majority vote.
  • Facilitator rotates among those interested in assuming this role.


For more information contact

Lynn Sale   or Rondy Elliott     

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