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Our faith community strives to be a stewardship parish. An inseparable link exists between stewardship and evangelization in the life of every Catholic. The overarching goal of our parish stewardship plan is to invite parishioners into deeper personal relationships with Jesus so that we can live more faithfully as disciples. Living as faithful stewards, our faith lives are on fire, and we cannot help but share our love of Jesus with others.

As individuals, then entire communities, begin to embrace stewardship as a way of life, parishes flourish, ministries thrive, worship is invigorated, and outreach increases. Each step on our stewardship journey brings our community closer to the goal of becoming a spiritually vibrant and financially secure parish.  As we accept this challenge, we encourage you to be actively involved in the parish by sharing your three “Ts” –Time, Talent and Treasure. Your active involvement is really a return of the many gifts with which God has blessed you and is needed to fulfill our parish vision: “Together, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we ‘Live Jesus’, reaching out, embracing all  with compassion, humility, and gentleness.”


We are blessed with many parishioners who willingly share their time and talents for the benefit of our community, yet we know there is still an abundance of “undiscovered talent" amongst us. Members will share their spiritual, educational, artistic, financial, organizational and other abilities. Growing a vibrant and dynamic parish depends upon a commitment to service.

To find an activity where you can share your gifts and interests, please contact the parish office for more information of our ministries and groups, then complete a Time and Talent Interests Form and submit it to the parish office. For more information regarding a ministry or group, please contact the chair or coordinator or Mary Shaver.


Most of us live in a world where money and possessions are necessary. The question is: are we owned by our possessions, or do we see them as God sees them?

Jesus knows how easy it is to be trapped by possessions. He warned us: "You cannot serve God and money...Where your treasure is, there will your heart be."

Many people measure their lives by the goods they acquire. Stewards measure their lives by the good they do. Stewards know that whatever we have, we merely held in trust from God. The day will come when God asks, "What have you done with all I have given you?" How will you respond?

Sharing a reasonable portion of one's income, assets and possessions is the best way to show gratitude to God. Giving also detaches us from our possessions, so we can be "poor in spirit." The Good Samaritan had the right attitude: "Whatever I have is yours if you need it."

Some people equate stewardship with tithing, i.e., give 10 percent income to the Church and community. Our view is one size does not fit all. Jesus said, "Give not just from your surplus but from your need." A low-income person might do that by giving 1 percent, while a high-income person might have to go well beyond 10 percent. The steward gives what in prayer feels right with God. The Lord expects no more and no less.