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UPDATED: Respect Life celebration wraps up with tremendous success and contributions to local area

The Respect Life Committee extends generous gratitude to all parishioners who donated new baby items and gift cards for our Respect Life celebration this past October.

Your generosity blessed many in our local area who seek help and support from Pregnancy Support Services and Catholic Charities.  During the week of October 13-14, the following 699 gifts were delivered:

Food Gift Cards totaling:                          $960.00 (update since 11/3)

Total # of items collected:                          699 (update since 11/3)

Onesies:                                                        166

Sleepers:                                                       165

Socks                                                             81 pairs

Baby Blankets:                                               50

Baby Wipes:                                                  41 containers

Other Items:                                                   12

Towels:                                                           71

Washcloths:                                                  24

Other:                                                              12

Formula:                                                         15 containers

Diapers:                                                          52  boxes/packs

totaling 2,656 individual diapers

            To our 48 volunteers who helped give out gift tags, sort, count, bag and deliver the items to the two ministries, be assured that the gift of your time extended a blessing to many.  Special thanks to the Holy Infant parish community for celebrating LIFE and being the hands and feet of Christ, offering hope and encouragement to women in crisis pregnancies and families experiencing an economic crisis in our area.  You are awesome!

            During the month of October, please take time to check out the assortment of Respect Life reading materials available in the reading rack in the atrium.  Read and pass the articles onto family and friends.  Keep informed of the current life issues facing our society today. 

“Every Life:  Cherished, Chosen, Sent”

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops….2018 

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