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October 2017 Update


Over the past three months, parish leaders met with Cannon Architects and Diocesan representatives numerous times to advance their review and refinement of design schematics and the campus site plan. These discussions involved the careful consideration of “value engineering.”  Value engineering is the creative, organized effort of analyzing the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project.


Further steps have been taken in the process of selection of professional services firms for project engineering: civil (the physical and natural building environment), structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. Proposals were received and reviewed; and cost estimate updates are in process.

Similar steps are being taken for the selection of a general contractor (GC). General contractors employ an internally completive bidding process for the selection of subcontractors and materials suppliers. This helps assure that cost, competency and efficiency have been considered in the GC’s project bid. Close cooperation with the GC in this process is important in our mandate for a value engineered project.



Discussions with the architects and engineering firms have indicated that we should expect an extended time frame in finalizing the necessary planning and permitting approvals. New development and construction for commercial properties in Durham are quite robust, creating additional demands for city/county and utility project review and consent. We now anticipate groundbreaking in late spring of 2018.