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July 2017 Update

On June 26, Fr. Robert and Blaine Short, along with representatives from CANNON architects and McAdams Company (civil engineering consultants), met with the Diocesan Building and Real Estate Commission. The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of a final master site plan for the parish campus and schematic designs for the new church. After discussion, the Commission recommended approval by the Diocesan Administrator. On July 10, the parish received formal approval from Msgr. Michael Shugrue, Diocesan Administrator.



July 2017 Update v2.jpg

The new site plan reflects the following changes that were made since the May 2017 update (numbered items refer to site plan exhibit locations):

  • Storm Water Management Facilities (“Retention Ponds”): The Phase One facility has been redefined as to size and shape (1); a tentative location for a Phase Two facility has been designated (1A).
  • Phase One Handicapped Accessible Parking: Eleven spaces have been designated near the church (2).
  • Phase One Senior Parking: Fourteen senior citizen spaces have been designated near the church (3).
  • Phase One Additional Parking: Additional parking spaces have been provided (4).
  • Phase One Total Proposed Parking Spaces: 260 (Durham parking requirement is 220 spaces)
  • Phase Two Parking: Future location designated (5)
  • Phase One Fire Lane and Service Access: Locations designated (6)



The schematics (basic plan) for the new church remain largely the same as those reflected in the May 2017 update. During the meeting it was noted that raised pavers or similar traffic awareness material would be studied for use at the drop-off point in the front of the church. The church will contain 650 pew seats at a 24” per seat metric. Future transepts will accommodate 100-150 seats on each side for expansion. Existing stained glass will be repurposed in the new church/chapel.



The following elevation design concepts for the church exterior were presented for consideration:

Southpark Drive (entry) - East

Courtyard - North

Highway 54 - South

Back – West

These are “working concepts” used to incorporate design elements for further study.


The parish and diocese are working together on the selection of structural and PME (plumbing, mechanical, electrical) engineering consulting firms for the project. The next presentation to the Building and Real Estate Commission will reflect detailed design development.