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Food Justice Garden Thank You

The Food Justice Garden ministry is grateful for your continued support and looks forward to accomplishing new goals in the upcoming year.

We have had a challenging year thus far due to the loss of entire beds of plants from unseasonable weather; the sweet potato crop was much less than in previous years.  Despite these challenges we expect to harvest 2,000 lbs of food from the garden by the end of the year.

Our produce has been shared with:

  • Catholic Charities pantry
  • Parkwood Elementary PTA pantry
  • Feed My Sheep pantry
  • End Hunger Durham.


New volunteers have found their way to the garden and have been very helpful. We have been doubly blessed with wood chips for spreading on the paths in the garden and where the rain has created sinking spots.

We celebrate the parishioners who have shared produce from the gardens with us through the Lettuce Pray project; prayers of gratitude when it is harvested and when it is brought to our neighbors. When you are looking over the seed catalogs this winter, please think of us when you are planning your garden; we'd love whatever you might share with us.

The Food Justice Garden is part of the Social Justice Education and Initiatives Ministry, or for short, the Social Justice Ministry. We grow produce year round and donate it to pantries and programs that focus on the elderly and those with disabilities. 

In gratitude,

Holy Infant Social Justice Education and Initiatives Ministry

Bobi Gallagher and Joanie Novak

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