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Building a New Church

Updates on the Building Initiative

December 2018 FAQ Update

May 2018 Update

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Cannon Architects has given first-time illustrations and charts of the final plans for the new church..

December 2017 Update

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Cannon Architects continues to work towards completion of the final plans for the new church. Holy Infant has selected Clancy and Theys Construction Company as the general contractor for the construction of our new church and campus site development.

October 2017 Update

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Over the past three months, parish leaders met with Cannon Architects and Diocesan representatives numerous times to advance their review and refinement of design schematics and the campus site plan. Discussions with the architects and engineering firms have indicated that we should expect an extended time frame in finalizing the necessary planning and permitting approvals.

July 2017 Update

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On June 26, Fr. Robert and Blaine Short, along with representatives from CANNON architects and McAdams Company (civil engineering consultants), met with the Diocesan Building and Real Estate Commission. The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of a final master site plan for the parish campus and schematic designs for the new church. After discussion, the Commission recommended approval by the Diocesan Administrator. On July 10, the parish received formal approval from Msgr. Michael Shugrue, Diocesan Administrator.

May 2017 Update

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On February 27, Fr. Robert and Blaine Short met with the Diocesan Building and Real Estate Commission to review the proposed master site plan for our parish campus. This plan represents updates to our planning for the development of Phase One, as well as future facilities associated with Phase Two.  Also attending this meeting were representatives of Holy Infant’s architectural design firm, CANNONarchitects, and civil engineering consultants, McAdams Company.

 Click HERE to view the church elevation and site plan.   

November 2016 Update

For the Campaign Summary provided as a bulletin insert in November of 2016, click "November 2016 Update" above


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Fulfilling our Vision

Building a New Church That Embraces All Parishioners

Improving Our Exterior Gathering Spaces & Enhancing Our Meeting and Fellowship Spaces

Accomplishing Phase One

Accomplishing Phase One: Campaign Goals

Accomplishing Phase One: By the Numbers 


Campaign e-Giving

To make your pledge or pledge payment online, please click here.  From this page you will be able to select your pledge amount and pledge payment options.  After clicking "continue" you will be provided the option to save your profile.  Saving your profile will allow you to change or stop a recurring pledge at any time and view and print your online pledge history. 

Opportunities for Donor Recognition 

Naming and Memorializing Opportunities 

There are a limited number of naming and memorialization opportunities for honoring loved ones, parishioners, groups or families. Please review these opportunities and prayerfully consider how you might use them. 

Holy Infant Heritage Societies

The Holy Infant Heritage Society honors those who go beyond their call to everyday stewardship. We will use these societies to honor all campaign donors. For those who do not qualify for a particular society, we will remember them as Honorary Oblates. 


If you have any questions or need additional information or assistance please contact the parish Financial Services Administrator.